ONE workshop: 3 pages. See "Important Info" for who's next in line.

TWO submissions: 5 pages: 1st submission  - TBD. 2nd submission -TBD

ONE public reading: TBD

BLOG: 250 words; weekly.

PROMPT: responses are to be casually shared in class NOT formally submitted. Naturally, responses can be used as springboards for the above assignments.

NOTE: each assignment can be part of the same overarching, greater whole (i.e. an earlier or later excerpt in the same story, novel, world), BUT you CANNOT turn in the SAME pages (even revised) for multiple assignments.

1) WORKSHOP: Again, target writers must provide the class with individual copies of a three page writing sample at the beginning of their scheduled workshop. Again, as the work is declaimed, evaluators should note reactions on the hard copy, which is then returned to the writer. Each student will likely have the opportunity to workshop twice. Workshop schedule is posted on the "Important Info" page.

2) BLOG: A fictional excerpt, essay/article, podcast, or video (or combination of all four) will be regularly assigned and posted on the home page of this blog. Students MUST post reactions (minimum 250 words) to the assigned reading/listening/viewing. Students are encouraged to additionally respond to other student reactions.

3) SUBMISSION: Students must turn in a reasonably polished five page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1" margins) story or excerpt (i.e. not necessarily a final draft, but clean and proofed) accompanied by a prefacing page illustrating the ways in which the fictional/non fictional readings, the professor’s comments, or the peer evaluation assisted their work.

4) PUBLIC READING: Students should prepare 5 minutes (3 pages) of work ostensibly geared toward the MG or YA demographic. Participation required. Open to family and friends. RU Barnes & Noble.


We begin with an assumption that all of you are Writers and, accordingly, all of you want (dare I suggest, eagerly want) to be here; and, indeed, that eagerness, evidenced by attendance, active participation, thoughtful responses to peer work and outside reading (written and verbal), and timely fulfillment of assignments, will warrant an A. So we begin with that: a final grade of A. As I discover that some of you want to be here more than others, or, hazard the thought, don’t want to be here at all, I will adjust your final grade accordingly.

COME TO CLASS! Grades will drop a half-letter with two absences, and another half-letter for each additional absence. Students are responsible for obtaining assignments and notes for classes missed from fellow students. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class (note: three tardies equal one absence). Students are expected to attend all classes, but if you expect to miss one or two classes, please use the University absence reporting website to indicate the date and reason for your absence. An email is automatically sent to me.

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