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What you'll find on this page: workshop docket, conference docket, absence/tardy tally, blog post tally, and a corral of submission/event dates (and any other deets I deem "important"). It's a good page to visit!

WORKSHOP (in order of occurrence):

MW 4: Ryan, Louise, Aliyah, Dan, Marina, Jac, Dominique, Alex, Sierra, Colleenie, Kola, Rachel,  Crystal, Gene, Jenny, Day, Ilana, Sara, Michelle, Maggie, Samantha, Becky 

F 4, 5: Sam A. (2), Zakiya, Brian, Benji, Bao, Rachel (2), Susan, Aishik, Melissa (2), Richard, Michael, Kai, Leah, Victoria, Emily, Kadie (2), Kalvin, Siming, Chris,

CONFERENCES: *Amy Pond (Mm), Pablo (Mm), Emily, Capt. U. (YA), Kalvin (YA)


MW 4: Ryan (xx), Dominique (x), Becky (x), Michelle, Sierra (x), Aliyah, Sara (xx), Day (x), Jenny (xx, tt), Crystal (t), Jac, Maggie (t), Alex (the Greater; xxxx, ex, t), Marina (x), Louise (x), Daniel (x), Gene (xxx), Kola (x), Ilana (ex, x), Colleenie, Rachel, Samantha (ex, ex)

F 4, 5: Sam A. (xxxx), Zakiya (xx), Bao (Capt. U; x, office), Rachel (Your Grace), Susan, Aishik (Speedy; xx), Emily (ex), Melissa (The Inquisitor), Richard (Henry the 13th), Kadie (x), Michael (Nobody), Leah (Lady Morgana), Brian (xx), Benji (xx), Victoria (tt, xxx), Kalvin (Kanye; x), Chris (Deliciosa; xxx), Kai (xx, tt), Siming (xx)


MW 4: 

F 4, 5: .

SUBMISSIONS: First submission due - Mon. Feb 27 (MW 4); Fri. March 3 (F 4, 5). Second submission due Weds. April 26 (MW 4; Mon. May 1 at the latest) & Fri. April 28 (F 4, 5; Mon. May 1 at the latest). The submission is to be a reasonably polished five page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1" margins) writing sample (that is, an excerpt from an MG or YA short story or novel).

PUBLIC READING: Students are to prepare 5 minutes (3 pages) of work ostensibly geared toward the MG or YA demographic. Participation required. Open to family and friends. RU Barnes & Noble. 1:10 PM, Weds. April 19 (MW 4); Labryinth Books in Princeton (meet in my office parking lot, 36 Union, at 1:00 PM to caravan down) 1:00 - 4:00 PM, Fri. April 21 (F 4, 5).

MARATHON READING:Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 10 AM - 4 PM, Sat. April 29, Voorhees Mall. Click HERE for more info.

INSIDE THE WRITERS HOUSE: Candid Conversations with Acclaimed Authors. Sessions meet in the Plangere Culture Lab, Murray Hall 302, and occur at a variety of times. Click HERE for more info. Students must attend a minimum of THREE sessions (TWO sessions are included during your regular class session; that means you must seek out a third session convenient to your schedule). Additional attendance will serve as extra credit.

X Credit: 
Again, any IWH session above the required three (two of which occur during your class period) counts as an extra credit. 

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