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What you'll find on this page: workshop docket, conference docket, absence/tardy tally, blog post tally, and a corral of submission/event dates (and any other deets I deem "important"). It's a good page to visit!


Again, please bring TWO hard copies of your submission and something to write with.

K & Professor X

WORKSHOP (in order of occurrence):

TH 2,3: Halle, Captain, Sapphire, Payal, Big Boss, Julz, Hobo, El-dawg, Slank, Amy, Queen, Professor X,  James Chen, Jack, Okezia, Colin, Katie, Celine, Girl, Pica,

FR 4,5: Corey, Chengis Khan, Kelly, SpongBob, Julia, K, Sylvia,  Sydney, T, Sayf, B, Ally, Nhu, Alexa, Justin,  Macbook Pro, Dark Lord, Anime, Ayane, Gregaloo.


TH 2,3: Halle, Captain (xxx), Sapphire (tt), Payal (ttttt, x), Big Boss (xxx), Julz (xx, t), Hobo (xx,tt), El-dawg, Professor X (xx), Slank (xx, t), Amy (x), Queen (tt, x), Jack/You (xx), James Chen (xx), Okezia (x, t), Katie (xx), Colin, Celine (x), Pica (xx, t), Girl

FR 4,5: Corey (t, x), Chengis Khan, Kelly (x), SpongeBob, Julia, K (x), Sylvia (xx, t), B (xx), Sydney, T (x), Ally, Sayf (t, x), Nhu (t), Alexa (tt), Justin (xxx), Anime, Macbook Pro (xx), Dark Lord (tt), Ayane (x), Gregaloo (xx).

**SUBMISSIONS: First submission due - Fri. March 9. Second submission due - Fri. April 27. The submission is to be a reasonably polished five page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1" margins) writing sample (that is, an excerpt from an MG or YA short story or novel). Submissions should be e-mailed to

**PUBLIC READING: TH2,3 - 9:50 AM, Thurs. April 26; F4,5 - 1:10 PM, Fri. April 27. RU B&N. Students are to prepare 5 minutes (3 pages) of work ostensibly geared toward the MG or YA demographic. Participation required. Open to family and friends.

INSIDE THE WRITERS HOUSE: Candid Conversations with Acclaimed Authors. Sessions meet in the Plangere Culture Lab, Murray Hall 302, and occur at a variety of times. Click HERE for more info. Students must attend a minimum of THREE sessions (TWO sessions are included during your regular class period; that means you must seek out a third session convenient to your schedule). Additional attendance (beyond the three) will serve as extra credit.

X CREDIT: Again, any IWH session above the required three (two of which occur during your class period) counts as an extra credit. Bring friends to any of our public events and get extra credit (the more friends, the more credit). Attend an event beyond your class period (that is, come early or stay late) and get extra credit (the longer, the more credit).

Other X Credit opportunities: 

Undergraduate English Honors Symposium - April, 20th | 3PM | Murray Hall (various rooms)
Dave Rudden - April, 20th | 2:15PM | Murray Hall (our regular classroom)
Rutgers Day Reading Marathon - April, 28th | 10AM - 4PM | Voorhees Mall (corner, College Ave, Seminary Pl)
Publishing (and possibly medieval armor/weaponry) Q&A - TBD | May 1 or 2 (reading days) |Murray Hall (our regular classroom)

OF NOTE: Rutgers Writing Conference - On June 2 - 3, 2018, aspiring and established writers, agents, editors, and publishers will converge at the Rutgers Continuing Education Center at 300 Atrium Drive in Somerset, NJ (link is external) for the 2nd Annual Rutgers–New Brunswick Writers' Conference! Enjoy keynote presentations from Alice Hoffman and Chris Bohjalian, choose from concurrent sessions across six tracks, meet individually with agents, editors, and publishers, join a panel discussion on publishing options, and attend an evening reading event featuring famous authors.

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