Class meets TH 2,3 CAC Murray Hall 001 or F 4,5 CAC Murray Hall 001

Contact: (preferred) or or

Office: 217 (2nd floor), 36 Union Street (look for the Bellatrix Lestrange WANTED poster)

Office Hours: by appointment (but I make myself very available).

I encourage students to visit with me throughout the semester (visiting students should come equipped with a specific question and/or a work sample to discuss). Students MUST sign up for one 15-20 minute conference following both the first submission in which to pointedly discuss submitted writing. Students MAY sing up for a second conference, following the second/final submission; the second conference is totally voluntary (and, indeed, has no bearing on your grade.)

Note: Submitted work is not returned with “edits," instead, it is discussed during conferences. I find it best to be on hand to contextualize comments and to answer any questions or concerns such comments may generate. My objective is not to “fix” any one story, but rather to improve a student’s overall writing, and, as such, I’m not interested in students necessarily revising their work in close accordance with my comments. YOU own your story. Never forget that. Students may of course bring copies of their own work and take notes during these sessions.

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